Top 5 Best Food Carts in Portland

1) Korean Twist - Bulgogi Burrito (View on Yelp) -

Get the bulgogi burrito and never look back. A friend described Korean Twist's bulgogi burrito as "the best thing ever", which basically amounts to making this person speechless as they have a PhD in brain science, and this person doesn't usually talk like a 12 year old. So there you go, these burritos are so good they may PhD scientists talk like a middle-schooler.

2) Snow White House - Crepes  (View on Yelp) -

Get the Nutella and strawberry crepe....mmmmm. Or the nutella and banana crepe. These crepes are so good I don't know why I'm not eating them daily and ballooning to 300+ lbs. Oh wait, I do know why I don't go every day, it's because the service is soooo slow. So nothing's perfect, and maybe it's for the best the service is slow, ast least for my waistline.

3) Nong’s Khao Man Gai - Chicken and Rice (View on Yelp) -

Nong's is famous for their chicken and rice. Yeah, that's it, chicken and rice. Sounds about as alluring as meat and potatoes, trust me I know. It took me over a year to try Nong's, because there was no way I could get excited about chicken and rice. 

But Nong's crushes this. The chicken is perfectly tender and juicy, and it's perfect every time. The consistency is amazing in and of itself. The rice is perfect too, not standout amazing, but as a compliment to the chicken and the sauce, just the way it should be. Is it possible to clone cooked rice? If it is, Nong's did it, because the consistency is surreal.

4) Umai - Ramen (View on Yelp)

Great food, amazing dedication, without the fine dining atmosphere, this is Umai. Umai is already on my list of Top 10 Things To Do In Portland, so if you've read this site before you know my love of this Hawthorne ramen food cart. Get yourself some Miso Ramen, take a seat at one of the picnic tables in their alley location, and slurp up an ode to Portland-style fine dining.

5) Gyro House - Gyro (View on Yelp)

I'm from Chicago, where a Gyro is basically a piece of pita bread stuffed with as much gyro meat as possible, and some yogurt sauce dribbled on top. They're good, but they're a total gut-bomb, and there's not much nuance to them. In fact, I think every gyro in Chicago, no matter where you go, is the exact same.

Well welcome to Portland, where no two places are ever the same! Get the number 5, the lamb gyro. It's just a really good gyro, with some lamb, veggies, yogurt sauce, and some hummus. Nothing too crazy here, but the combination seems to carefully orchestrated, and it just works. I think the hummus is the trick. Only problem is that I can never get enough of these, I could down 3 of these things in one sitting easy!