Famous Fried Chicken Restaurant Screen Door - Best restaurant in Portland?

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What are the best restaurants in Portland?

Well, Screen Door is definitely one of the best restaurants in Portland, and if you're itching for fried chicken, then this is the best in town. Is it the best restaurant overall? Not in my book, but picking that one restaurant in an entire city as the "best" is really a personal thing. So I like to think of the best restaurants (plural) in town, and Screen Door is on the list.

Pro-Tip to find the best restaurants

Instead of asking people for restaurant tips and getting recommendations that suck (people always recommend pasta places to me, and I hate pasta) a good objective metric I use to find the best restaurants in town is look at the number of reviews on Yelp. If you're visiting a new city, I'd recommend using this trick over any other method of finding restaurants. By this measure Screen Door, the Southern-style fried chicken specialist, is the 2nd best restaurant in Portland with 2,663 reviews (Pok Pok would be the best restaurant in Portland, currently at 3,077 Yelp reviews). So there you go, Screen Door is one of my favorite restaurants, and one of Yelp's favorite restaurants (thus if you don't like it you're obviously crazy).

Screen door insider tips

Screen Door doesn't take reservations, so the wait is almost always long. But there's a workaround, order take-out. I've only eaten-in at the restaurant once, and got tired with the long wait, as I tend to be impatient. But take-out is a breeze, and it's my preferred method of getting food from Screen Door. I get the crispy fried buttermilk-battered chicken, with the coleslaw. The portions are big and I always have leftovers, which is great because nothing beats cold fried chicken (I'm not joking when I say this, if you've never tried cold fried chicken you're really missing out!).